What to Look for on a Survey

Access_Title_Agency_Land_SurveyType of Survey (is it a comprehensive boundary or a report).
Does the survey contain the signature, seal and license of the surveyor?
Verify the date and if any revisions exist.
Any unusual surveyor’s notes or statements?
Could all improvements be located or is there a note of no location?
Does the legal description match the vesting deed and the title commitment?
Are all items on the title commitment Schedule B depicted on the survey?
Do the survey notes reflect any item not shown, such as blanket easements?
Any violation of covenants and restrictions?
Evidence of adverse use or possession such as a shared driveway or paths.
Legal access to a street or road.
Does the property abut a body of water?
Encroachments onto adjoining land or encroachments by adjoining landowners onto your property

Note: No legal advice or suggestions are being given. The above is an excerpt only from an Underwriting Manual.

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