Water Terminology

Access_Title_Agency_Water_TerminologyAccretion: A natural increase of land upon the shore or bank or a river or stream, due to the gradual washing or motion of the water and addition of materials or sediment deposits.

Alluvion: A natural deposit and buildup of sediment. Common along river banks and streams, the sediment is called alluvium. Accretions (gains in land) are caused by the accumulation of such sediment (alluvium).

Avulsion: A sudden loss or gain of land as the result of rapids, unusual or violent action of water or a shift in a bed of a river or stream that has been used as a boundary by property owners.

Foreshore: Land between the low and high water marks, which is covered and uncovered by the ebb and flow of tidal waters.

Littoral: Legal rights to land abutting an ocean, sea or lake and usually extend to the high water mark.

Reliction: An increase in the amount of land due to permanent withdrawal of a river or sea, which exposes the land and causes it to emerge from under water.


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