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We all hear about using our sphere of influence but how well are you working it? Many of us are uncomfortable marketing to our sphere because we are afraid they will see us as wanting something, yet statistics show they can be the greatest source of business for us.

Access_Title_Agency_Sphere_of_InfluenceContact List: Clean it up, categorize, and delete. Be sure to ask each of them a question at some point relative to using you for your business. (ie: If you were buying or selling a home, do you have a real estate agent that could help you?)

Organize by: 1) Likely to refer. 2) With more contact, likely to refer. 3) Not sure. 4) Delete.

Touches: Send something to your sphere at least monthly. Make sure that it is something YOU would want to receive and that it provides value.

Calls: Think of yourself as a giver. If you send an item of value, you are giving. Are you able to refer business to them? If so, you are giving again. Call them after giving them something each month and you will learn more about them. It will also put you in the forefront of their minds when an opportunity arises. Make sure you are in the right mindset for your calls and prepare yourself with a script or bullet points of what you hope to touch on.

Ritual: Add 1-3 calls each day to people outside your sphere of influence. Add them to your touches until they become insiders. Make it a game and have fun!

Good luck out there building your business through working your Sphere of Influence!

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