MagicPlan Technology

Before hauling that huge, awkward, heavy dining room table through the obstacles of a home, only to find out you measured it wrong and it doesn’t fit; download MagicPlan for realtors! MagicPlan allows realtors to create floor plans in the most efficient way possible. Not only is it time effective, but it’s cost effective as well. After downloading MagicPlan, you can eliminate the cost of paying someone to measure the floor layouts.

With over 11 million downloads, MagicPlan is number 1 in iPhone utilities in 76 countries, number 1 in iPad utilities in 114 countries, and has been the app of the week in 107 countries.

What can MagicPlan do for realtors?

– Quickly generate floor plans
– Leverage plan data to quickly generate estimates
– Plan the attributes of objects
– Integrate MagicPlan into your workflow
– Compatible with multiple languages

MagicPlan lives up to the name. Assemble an entire floor plan with just your fingers and transform a room in ways you never thought possible.