Credit Reports

Access_Title_Agency_Credit_ReportOne of the main 3 credit reporting companies indicates that the following blemishes on your credit report have an expiration period as follows:

30-90 day delinquency: 7 years
Collection accounts: 7 years, beginning 181 days from the most recent delinquent period before the collection activity
Charge off accounts: 7 years
Judgments: Those that include small claims, civil, and child support 7 years from the filing date
Tax liens: City, county, state, and federal tax liens could stay on indefinitely. Once paid, it remains for 7 years.
Bankruptcy: Chapters 7, 11, and 13 appear as judgments for 10 years after filing. Some agencies MAY not show Chapter 13 after 7 years. Separate delinquent accounts should be listed as “included in Bankruptcy” and would remain for 7 years.

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