Top of the Search Engines

Most business people are concerned with being at the top of search on Google. It can be a key element to their success.

Business leaders know people will rarely click through multiple pages to find the information they want.

The big question is how do I get my business on that first page?

The easy answer is to be the most relevant source of information in Google’s algorithms. Google wants to provide the searcher with the most relevant information because they are competing to have you use them on your next search.

The best part is that if doesn’t take SEO experts, and manipulating algorithms to become that relevant source. It only takes happy customers.

If you want to be the top provider of vendor services (enter your business category here) in the town of Duckville (name your company) you just need a happy customer that matches your target audience.

If Mr. and Mrs. Mayor of Duckville will sit down and give a 30 second to one minute video interview with a mobile phone, you have what you need.

If you upload that short video to your free YouTube channel with Mr. and Mrs. Mayor’s name and community they come from and you have all of the elements for success.

The most authentic customer stories aren’t done by professionally master videographers. It is real people in real situations that provide authenticity.

The video can be placed on your website with a story including text describing their satisfaction under your testimonial section. That story can be shared on social media, and you can be assured, the people in Duckville that are friends with Mr. and Mrs. Mayor will probably watch that video on the social media channels.

All of the sudden, Google and Facebook sees that you are getting clicks from the community of Duckville and you now are the most credible source of information about your vendor services in Duckville.

Apply that tactic to more than one person, and more than one community, and it enhances the proof that your business is the lead source of the information they are looking for in a vendor.

Welcome to the top!

Happy Story Telling

Russell Tuff

Managing Partner


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