Tips to Avoid Cyber Crimes

Ensure that your correct address, phone number and email address are  provided on the purchase agreement. This allows all parties to have  accurate contact information from the beginning when handling your transaction.

Avoid referencing the property address, buyer or seller names in the subject line of your emails.

We suggest all confidential information be sent via Fax unless you have email encryption services. Examples of confidential information include Social Security Numbers, Bank Accounts and Loan Numbers which may be requested by Access Title Agency. This information should be sent directly to Access Title Agency and not to your real estate agent.

NEVER accept REVISED wire instructions. Once we send wire instructions to you, they should never change. When you receive our wire instructions, call us to verify that the account numbers are correct and that they have not been compromised. Do not accept any wire instructions from anyone besides us. We send to you via encrypted email but do not forward the wire instructions as it could become compromised.

If proceeds are requested to be sent via a wire, we will only wire out funds to you if we have your signed and notarized wire instructions. This form will be provided in your document package.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask….we are here to help!

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