The Importance of Home Watch Services in SW Florida

Whether you are a full time SWFL resident or you fancy yourself more of a snowbird, you understand that your home is among your most valuable assets. You also likely understand the importance of having someone check on your home when you’re gone for extended periods of time.

Asking your friends or neighbors to pop in once is one thing, asking them to stop by every week for several weeks or months at a time is another. Home watch services offer a professional solution to this issue for a nominal fee.

Below are just a few of many ways that you can benefit from home watch.

  • You’ll be able to address small problems before they have a chance to get out of hand.
  • Homes that look cared for are less likely to be targeted by vandals.
  • Mailboxes can be checked, junk mail doesn’t pile up and packages are forwarded.

Living in SWFL comes with two things: Sunshine and Hurricane Season. Although there is no way to prevent a hurricane or strong summer storm, you can protect your home.

  • Windows and entryways must be secured and shuttered if needed.
  • Lanai or pool deck furnishings need to be put away so that they don’t become flying projectiles.
  • If damage does happen, a home watch can assist with insurance and repair services.

Choosing a trusted, reliable home watch service can make all the difference. If your roof leaks, plumbing drips, rats invade or your air conditioner malfunctions in your absence, you could return to thousands of dollars of water damage, mold or both. A weekly inspection of your home can reduce the possibility of severe damage, saving you money and help maintain the value of your home.

Fritz Home Watch Services has been watching houses and condos since 2002. We are insured, bonded and registered with City of Naples and Collier County. During each visit we perform a visual inspection, per our checklists, of the interior and exterior of the home to check for obvious problems. If any are found, we communicate with the home owner, create a plan to get it fixed and help coordinate the proper vendor to make any repairs or maintenance service calls.

When you work with Fritz Home Watch Services, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a team of experienced professionals that are on-the-ground and in your home. We will help protect for your home. Your home, our care.

Please call Rob and Kati Fritz at 239-293-2411, email or visit our website, for more information or to set up a consultation for your home watch needs.
Be sure to look for a bonus when you visit our website.

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