Tech Tips – First.IO for Real Estate

First.IO uses predictive analytics and machine learning to help you reach movers before your competition.

First.IO manages the current database of clients and provides those most likely to list in the next six months. It uses information from social media sites such as promotions, who just had a baby, and other life events to come to conclusions.

Relationships will always be central to Real Estate. Sadly, most agents miss dozens of listings in their network because they just can’t follow up with everyone. This program is changing that with the first predictive intelligence platform focused on relationships.

Working hard is good, but by working smarter, agents can consistently increase GCI and have a balanced life. The key is where to invest your time. They help you focus on the right people and activities that lead to listings.

Great agents can do more with great technology. But most technology drives you crazy instead of driving your business. Their engineers and data science PhDs work to make complex tech simple to use.

One in Five will move, With First.IO, every 5th person you connect with will list in the next year. This program offers the following:

  • Mover Intelligence  Know who will move 6 months ahead of your competition.
  • Smart Automation  Save time without sacrificing relationships.
  • Collaborative Coaching  Regular calls for strategy and accountability to help you win.
  • Focused on your Network  Their average agent missed  more than 60 listings in their network last year
  • Custom Setup  First works with your current systems and follow-up style.
  • Powerful Personalization  Nothing converts better than a personal touch.
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