Susan Gutknecht Goes Above and Beyond to Close the Deal


Senior Escrow Officer, Susan Gutknecht, had a refinance that had not been scheduled to close. Out of the blue, she received a loan closing package from the lender with documents dated for that same day.

Susan immediately reached out to the Borrowers who were out of the state of Florida to get a mobile notary signing arranged. The husband is a commercial airline pilot and the wife was scheduled to be in surgery at the hospital she works for.

They apparently had another property they were signing for at a title company up north. Susan reached out to the other title company to see if she could coordinate to have them sign our documents at the same time. The other title company would not accommodate them and said they were too busy.

Susan quickly made arrangements for the Notary to meet the pilot at the airport to sign. The pilot said the people on the plane were just going to have to wait and the wife would sign after she was out of the surgery later in the day.

Loan saved! Then we looked at the clock and it was only 8:45 am.

All in a day’s work.

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