Signing in the Rain

Robert Garcia – Rain or Shine – the contract goes through

Here at Access Title Agency, we do our best to make our signing process feel welcoming. We try to make our clients feel comfortable by serving coffee and tea at the signing table. However, sometimes the client never makes it to the conference room.

One particular closing stands out where our staff had to adapt. A husband and wife were purchasing a new home and 5 minutes before the scheduled closing, the wife walks into our office. “Is there any covered parking closer to the building? My husband needs assistance getting up here.” Uh oh. As one might expect from a move, their home had boxes everywhere. Unfortunately, her husband had tripped over one of them and broke his foot earlier that morning. Without hesitation, Robert decided it would be best to bring the closing to them. So he gathered up all the closing documents and made the trek through the comically reliable SWFL rainstorm and had a cozy signing in the back seat of a BMW Sedan.

They were pleased when they finally made it to their new home…after a trip to the Emergency Room.

Let us put our services to work for you!

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