Robert Nardi – “Access Title Agency Comes Through in the Clutch”

Detail oriented, committed, and a customer service friendly staff, is how Robert Nardi, Broker/Owner of Nardi Realty would describe his experiences with Access Title. Nardi came to Access Title at the end of December in need of a quick close. A successful close was accomplished by early January.

“Everything went really well, the title commitment was there, and Karen’s staff was excellent. They kept the ball rolling and we had a successful closing,” Stated Nardi.

Nardi knew he could rely on Access Title, so a month later he contacted Karen in need of another quick 14 day close.

“We got the process rolling, we had an effective contract on February 2nd, and within 13 days, we closed, and it was seamless,” added Nardi.

Nardi went on to praise the way Access Title kept up with the transaction and reminded them of all the little important things that need to be done before closing.

“I would definitely use Access Title,” Nardi recommended, “They are a great organization, and the owner, Karen Kohler, is a great person who really cares about customer service.”

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