Residential SERVICES

Due diligence. Done right.

No one likes to wait for answers. Especially when closing on a home. At Access Title Agency, we place a high priority on being responsive and making the process as easy as possible. We offer 24/7 online ordering for your files and documents. We’re with you throughout the entire process, guiding you and addressing any issues. Our team of experts is here for you, with local offices in Suttons Bay and Traverse City, to quickly answer any of your questions. At Access Title Agency, we’re committed to positive experiences and outcomes on every transaction.


At Access Title Agency, we personalize our process based on how you like to work and communicate. We have clients that simply turn in their order and move on to their next transaction. We do the rest. Other times, clients may choose to be the main point of contact and work directly with the Seller or Buyer. Just let us know your preference! We even have an on-staff attorney to draft any necessary documents for closing. For Sale by Owner? We can help you and the other involved parties through to completion. We make the entire process completely seamless.


If you’re a Lender, we offer cost-efficient closing options that will appeal to both you and the Borrower. We expertly manage turnaround times, so we’re ready to close when you are. We’ll also expedite the Closing Disclosure to keeps things on track for a quicker settlement.


At Access Title Agency, we follow approved procedures to limit risk for all parties. We understand the complexities of the Michigan Construction lien act, so Lenders can feel confident that their first lien position on the property will not be challenged by construction liens. We excel at processing draw requests, to the satisfaction of Lenders and Contractors. We provide any form documents that may be needed (e.g., Sworn Statement and Waivers). Most importantly, we’re responsive and communicative, so Owners are confident that the project will be completed as planned.