Open Home Pro Technology

Looking for an easier, tech-savvy way to stay in-touch with clients and potential home buyers? Open Home Pro allows realtors to:

  • Edit their email content and give it a personal touch
  • Personalize your lead emails
  • Know when a lead opens your email
  • Manage your leads online
  • Receive an automated sellers’ report

What does this mean? This allows realtors to customize emails to add a personal touch and better connect with leads after each open house. Realtors can engage more leads by adding a unique  brand to every email. Open Home Pro will notify the realtor when a lead opens their email so you can understand who is most interested. In addition to managing leads, realtors can access, edit and export them from

Don’t forget to impress sellers by forwarding an automated report to them immediately after an open house. It includes a summary of the day and notes about each lead.

For $20 per month, verify emails, send thank you notes, build impressive databases with new and improved tech skills! NO MORE PAPER SIGN IN’S! Have the iPad out and get ready for the new technology in Real Estate!

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