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In a transaction involving a minor, which of the following would suffice for insuring title to real property owned by the minor child, being sold to a third party?


1.  Obtain the signature of the natural guardian(s) on the deed, assuming the equity of the minor does not exceed $15,000.00.
2.  Record an Order Removing Minority, showing the minor has been emancipated, and obtain the signature of the minor.
3.  Record a marriage certificate showing the minor is or was a married person and obtain the signature of the minor.
4.  Obtain the signature of the Plenary Guardian of the incapacitated person.


a. 1
b. 1, 2
c. 1, 2, 3
d. 2, 3, 4


The answer is: c.

Note: No legal advice or suggestions are being given.

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