Mail-Away Closing Tips for Agents, Buyers & Sellers:

Alicia Schaub

As mail-away closings have increased, here are some helpful tips to help ensure a smooth closing process for everyone!

  • Inform your closing agent as soon as possible. The earlier we know about the mail-away closing, the better, as this helps coordinate the document preparation and signing process.
  • Allow for enough turnaround time for the documents to be signed. The minimum time required to send and receive documents is three business days. However, it is always better that more time is given, especially during the winter months when weather can cause delays in the documents being delivered to our agency.
  • Make sure to give your closing agent the correct mailing address where we need to send the documents to.
  • For buyers who have a mortgage and are closing remotely, make note that most lenders require the borrowers to sign on the day of closing.
    • Also, these buyers are going to have several documents that need to be notarized (unlike in most cash deals). Thus, the buyers will be required to sign in the presence of a notary. If the buyer needs to use a mobile notary service, it is best to let the closing agent know early so that a time can be scheduled with a notary well in advance.
  • Make sure that your closing agent has the correct information regarding how the buyers are going to hold title. With a mail-away closing, document preparation must be completed well in advance of the closing and it becomes difficult to change title on the deed once the documents have been mailed out. Also, be sure to make your lender aware of any changes so that they can prepare the mortgage correctly as well.
  • For sellers who are closing by mail, be sure to locate a notary for when your documents arrive. Many UPS locations have notary services and can be convenient when mailing the documents back to your closing agent.
  • Don’t forget to make a copy of your photo identification and send it back with the documents.
  • Call our office for assistance and questions! We are here to help, and it is better to call and ask a question than to have missing signatures or information needed for your closing.
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