Leelanau County Michigan Register of Deeds offers new fraud service

Dorothy Miller

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new program that we have set up at the Leelanau County Register of Deeds in Leelanau County, Michigan, through our document recording software, to help prevent you from being the victim of property fraud.

Fraud Guard is a tool that helps protect you or your business from being the victim of property fraud. It can simply alert you to any property, mortgage or real estate activity in Leelanau County associated with a name(s) that you select. Once you register for the free service, you will receive ah email notice whenever the name you are monitoring is on a document that has been recorded in this county. This gives you early warning of property fraud being committed in your name. A few reasons some people are using Fraud Guard:

  1. They are having financial issues (e.g., tax or foreclosure) related to property and want to be aware of any liens filed.
  2. They are going through a divorce and want to keep track of any property changes.
  3. They have an elderly parent(s) and want to be aware of any major property changes.
  4. They are starting a construction project and want to know if any construction liens are filed in the process.
  5. They are a victim of identity theft or fraud.

To activate this service you must first register on the Register of Deeds on line search system and log in, www.leelanau.cc.

Fraud Guard is designed to work with documents recorded after you register and in the future. For previously recorded documents, please conduct a name search on the free name search link upon completion of registering name(s) in Fraud Guard.

We hope that you will consider utilizing this service and as always, please feel free to call the Register of Deeds office if you have any questions,


Dorothy Miller

Leelanau County Register of Deeds

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