It’s All About Customer Service According to Christine Dike

Christine Dike Owner-Broker

Christine Dike

In any business, especially real estate, it’s all about good customer service, according to Christine Dike, Broker-Owner of  She gives it and she expects it from companies she works with.

“The most important thing my staff and I give our customers is absolutely the best customer service we can,” says Christine.   “And Karen Kohler at Access Title has the same ethics in her work as well.”

Christine has run her own real estate/property management business for over ten years.  She believes her success is based on two things: her knowledge of the Naples market and her good customer service.

Christine has used the services of Access Title for three years because they have the same work ethic.   She has confidence in Access Title and says that she doesn’t have stay on top of them – they keep her informed on the various steps toward closing, solving issues that arise with professionalism.

“I can always go to closing knowing that they have been proactive,” reports Christine.  “They don’t let things fall apart. My buyers and sellers can sit there comfortably knowing that everything they need has been taken care of.”

That kind of trust is very important.  It gives a busy realtor like Christine the confidence to move on to other things, like selling, listing, renting and managing properties.

Christine highly recommends the services of Access Title to anyone who also values  good customer service.

Click HERE hear Christine Dike talk about her confidence in Access Title.

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