Into the night…Making sure the deal closes with Susan Hubly


Susan Hubly, John R. Wood Realtors

Susan Hubly is a top producer for John R. Wood Realtors in Naples, Florida. She got that way by providing superior customer service, and reliability to come through in the clutch.

As a realtor, there are many variables that our out of your control. Sometimes, circumstances make the closing process tense and emotional. Hubly has learned to make sure the people around her are just as dedicated to making the customer happy as she is.

That is why Hubly has relied on Karen Kohler, at Access Title Agency for her real estate closings.

Recently, a client had some unconventional situations arise the night before a scheduled closing. As things got tense, Hubly was able to rely on Kohler to come through by working way into the evening to come through for all of the parties.

It’s that type of service that Hubly came to expect when they first did business 4 years ago.

“I take all my business to her now,” says Hubly after that recent experience. “She goes way beyond in providing that great customer service.

Hubly knows that Access Title Agency is a full service title company, including title, escrow and closing services.

Hubly went on to say, “Karen Kohler is responsive, and is able to handle those complex transactions, whether it is a refinance, sale, purchase or a construction deal.”

Listen to the testimony yourself!

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