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While taking a summer mini trip to Michigan, Access Title President Karen Kohler heard reports that Hurricane Irma was going to affect Florida.

Early on, it appeared the fury of the storm was heading towards the East Coast, so Karen planned to return on Thursday before the hurricane to batten down the hatches. As the week went on, Irma remained pretty treacherous with storm surge projected at 15 feet. That prospect didn’t sit too well, since Karen’s home was in a low lying area. So rather than take a chance, she decided to remain in Michigan.

Karen’s staff was very cooperative and packed up the 2nd floor Naples office, lifted items from the floor, and prepared for the worst by wrapping supplies, files and furniture in plastic. Records are kept on a secure server, so that relieved many issues.

Having secured servers and an office in more than one location came in handy as the day after the storm, a Naples client had damage to their home and couldn’t find their insurance information. The client’s call was forwarded to the Michigan office and the information accessed from the stored documents. The client received the needed insurance information, easing some of the stress during a very difficult time.

Upon Karen’s return, after assessing the damage to her own home and making necessary repairs, she heard about the pleas for help coming from the Immokalee area. In addition to funding, there was a desperate need for diapers, wipes and food items such as beans, rice, oils, and Meseca.

Karen went shopping, filled her van with supplies and headed to Immokalee. The items were brought to the Guadalupe Center, where workers were preparing pallets for incoming and outgoing distribution.

Meanwhile, back at the office, there was no school, so in addition to running a title company, staff created their own “daycare” so they could continue to supply their clients with excellent customer service.

See the photo below with Dad Robert, and sons Victor and Gavin at “Daddy Daycare.”

Access Title Office Preparation and Daycare Operation

Mission Trip to Immokalee