Goal Setting Tip


It’s that time of year when goals should be in place for 2013, but if not, it is not too late! Below are a few tips that we utilize for our business that we thought we would share.

• Break your goals down to their simplest form. Try not to just have annual or monthly goals but weekly or even daily targets. This makes them seem much more attainable and keeps your focus on them timely.

• Do the math (it’s all in the numbers).  4 new orders/clients a month means that you need 1 order/client a week. How many calls, appointments, or meetings will it take to get there? If 10 calls a week result in 3 appointments, that should be your minimum.

• Correlate clients/orders with revenue. Look at average dollars per order or sale to help you visualize the impact this simple process can have on your monthly or annual income.

• Have fun! Place your goals on your computer desktop, post on your bulletin board, tape to the wall, or hang on your fridge. They need to be visible. Countdown as you have success, ring a bell when you get the client, celebrate the wins, and share with someone!

If we can help encourage you or give feedback on your goal setting process, please give us a call! Wishing you all a prosperous and successful 2013!

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