Florida Property Tax Definitions

Florida Property Tax Definitions to assist with terminology for out of state or non US clients. Please contact us if you would like the handout to use.

Ad Valorem Tax: Defined as a tax based on the assessed value of the property. Can be used interchangeably with “property tax”.

Ad Valorem Tax Roll: Prepared by the property appraiser and certified to the tax collector for collection.

Non-ad Valorem Tax: A tax included on the property tax bill for collection and is an assessment for Garbage, Water and Sewer Assessments, etc.

Non-ad Valorem Tax Roll: Prepared by a local government and certified to the tax collector for collection, such as a special collection or assessment.

Taxable Value: Is the assessed value of a property minus any applicable exemptions (ie: homestead or senior discounts).

Taxes are collected on an annual basis beginning November 1st
for the tax year January through December. Tax statements are
normally mailed out on or before November 1st of each year.

The gross amount is due by March 31st; taxes become delinquent
on April 1st. The following discounts apply for early payment:

  • 4% discount if paid in November
  • 3% discount if paid in December
  • 2% discount if paid in January
  • 1% discount if paid in February
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