Five Ways to Use Easter to Attract Buyers

Easter comes early this year with Spring. Buyers and sellers are hitting the market. This gives a seller a chance to decorate for the season and stand out from the crowd.

Sellers listing in early spring have a great opportunity to attract more buyers who’ve just started looking.

This is an ideal time to talk with your realtor about competitively pricing your house to sell. Decluttering and improving curb appeal can move the sale of your house faster. Walk through your home with the eyes of a potential buyer and see what needs to be painted, stored, updated, or fixed. Once the hard work is out of the way, use these Easter décor ideas to put on the finishing touch.

5 Easter-inspired home staging ideas your buyers will love

According to some sellers surveyed in the National Association of REALTORS’ 2019 Profile of Home Staging report, staging a home could “greatly reduce” the amount of time spent on the market.
This spring:

  1. Accent with pastel paint.
    A pop of color has the power to instantly transform a room — and bring attention to a hidden space like a bathroom. Spring-friendly shades like soft pinks and baby blues are listed among Martha’s most popular bathroom paint colors for 2019.
  2. Bring Your Own Bunnies.
    Adorable Easter bunnies are surprisingly easy to make in about a dozen different varieties. Choose a bunny and decorate strategically, taking care not to overdo it.
  3. Get garden planters.
    Updating your outdoor space can be as simple as planting annuals in your planters, garden, or window box, ranging to more in-depth professional jobs. Either way, just know buyers are looking, with standard lawn care and landscaping upgrades ranked by realtors among the top four projects to increase property resale value.
  4. Hang a DIY door wreath.
    Buy a brand-new Easter wreath, weave flowers into an old one, or make your own from scratch. Ninety-four percent of realtors ask their sellers to amp up their curb appeal before listing, and we can see why.
    It’s springtime, and the selling is easy. If you’re ready to move, Prequalify Now.
  5. Let there be fresh flowers (and light).
    This one’s easy. Showcase your home by playing to the natural elements of the season: Pick or buy fresh flowers and brighten up rooms by opening windows to allow in plenty of light.  arrangement tutorial that you can knock out in a few minutes.
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