February Above and Beyond Closing Effort

Our buyers were a young couple and purchasing their very first home. We closed with the seller first, then the buyers were scheduled to close a few hours later.

When asked for their ID’s, we noticed that her ID did not match what was on our documents. We inquired as to the difference, and she told us they had just gotten married, but couldn’t get to the Secretary of State due to delays from the pandemic, so her ID still reflected her maiden name.

Our file and all the lender documents were prepared with her married name and we would be unable to notarize them.

All the documents would need to be changed, which possibly could have sent the loan back to underwriting. The lender was contacted regarding the issue, and through great communication and teamwork we were able to get revised documents from the lender.

The buyers came back after business hours and we got the deal closed. They were SO happy and thankful for us!

Mrs. Signer was in tears of joy, the sellers were extremely happy that there wasn’t a delay and the lender was VERY thankful to our team at Access.

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