On December 12, 2018, Governor Snyder signed into law PA 360, 361 and 362 of 2018. These bills along with PA 330 of 2018 signed earlier this year, will allow both e-Notarization and Remote Notarization in Michigan. The new laws provide for the full implementation of these programs in mid to late 2019 and requires the Michigan Department of State to work in conjunction with the Department of Technology Management and Budget to implement the new programs in Michigan by selecting and approving electronic notarization platforms.

Until platforms have been approved, a Michigan Notary Public CANNOT perform electronic notarizations as an e-notary public or remote notary public.

Four vendors have been conditionally approved. The approval is conditional as none were able to meet Michigan specific requirements. We continue to work with them to complete the approval process. If you would like a list of the conditionally approved vendors, please email your request to Disclosure@Michigan.gov.

This means there are currently no electronic or remote platforms or systems approved for use in Michigan.

Notification of the implementation of the program and options available to comply with Michigan’s new laws will be sent to all active Notary Publics.
The new laws are available for review on the legislative website:

Questions: Please feel free to email us at: Disclosure@Michigan.gov. Questions concerning the impact of these new laws will only be answered in writing at this time. Please refrain from contacting us via phone.

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