Content Marketing and What Really Is It?

You may hear a lot about content marketing. What does it really mean? You probably think of blogs, social media, and other articles, but it is so much more.

It includes a long term strategy to build relationships with an audience that is your ideal customer base.

These methods include video, blogs, social media, customer testimonials, staff interviews and even information from like business interests.

One of the biggest reasons to utilize content marketing is because paid advertising is becoming less effective, especially in traditional media outlets.

If it is too difficult to create your own content, it is still less expensive to outsource your content marketing than other forms of advertising. The first place people search is on the web, not traditional media outlets.

Hits, page views and reach shouldn’t be the sole point of measuring your content marketing efforts. It is something to keep track of, however targeting the right audience is more important.

One of the most noted examples of content marketing is email marketing. Email marketing is very cost effective and targeted. You can vary the message to different audiences.

Campaign Monitor (an email marketing system) states that using segmented lists can generate 760% more revenue than traditional email blast.

Remember, customers follow you on social media and subscribe to your updates because they want to hear from you. They don’t want to hear from you on promotional blast every day 24 hours a day.

The best source to reach an audience you desire is to interview a customer that matches your ideal client. When their testimony is provided in video, text and/or photos, and place on your website, that story can be shared on social media.

The highlighted client’s circle of influence is reached because the client testimony will likely be watched by their friends and associates.

The best part, when their audience clicks on their story, Google sees that you are the most relevant content on that topic. Your rankings will increase greatly.

Happy Story Telling!

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