Commercial SERVICES

Limiting risk.
Protecting investments.

Commercial real estate transactions can be complicated. At Access Title Agency, we help clients navigate the intricacies of a refinance, sale/purchase or construction transaction. We identify risks, expertly manage the process and respond quickly to any questions or issues. Through prompt and clear communications, we ensure positive collaboration of all partners and a successful outcome for all involved.


Our seasoned team knows how to address the complexities that can arise during a transaction. We guide and assist you through the entire process, from the title exam and review to preparation of documents for closing and issuing of policies. Commercial financing for these types of transactions also requires an understanding of the various endorsements that are available. We have an on-staff Attorney who can draft any necessary closing documents to keep the settlement on track.

Commercial developments require oversight of the Master Policy. We maintain constant oversight of this, from an accounting standpoint, and with an understanding of the process for the must-be-built phase. We assist Contractors early in the process so they know the title costs and can accurately budget their project.



At Access Title Agency, we deliver excellent turnaround times for title examinations so you can close whenever you’re ready.


At Access Title Agency, we follow approved procedures to limit risk for all parties. We understand the complexities of the Michigan Construction lien act, so Lenders can feel confident that their first lien position on the property will not be challenged by construction liens. We excel at processing draw requests, to the satisfaction of Lenders and Contractors. We are also familiar with AIA statements and retention for large-scale projects. We provide any form documents that may be needed (e.g., Sworn Statement and Waivers). Most importantly, we’re responsive and communicative, so Developers are confident that the project will be completed as planned.