A Christmas Story Above and Beyond – January 2017

One week before Christmas, you might see businesses coast, or pack it in until their Christmas and New Year’s break is over. But not Karen Kohler and the Access Title Team. As families start arriving for the Holiday’s, time is precious and hard to come by.

Kohler understands, appreciates, and recognizes the circumstances life can create in making a transaction difficult.

A Michigan banker had recommended Access Title, knowing Karen’s professionalism and willingness to do what’s necessary to get the job done.

The client was facing a Christmas time crisis. The family of the client was in town for the Holiday’s and couldn’t come and meet Karen in Naples to close a deal. Karen took it upon herself to drive to Pine Island and meet with the client in their home office so it would be more convenient for the family.

As Karen arrives at the home, she notices a tee-pee arranged in the family room with a bed inside for the grandchildren to sleep in. The Holiday spirit flowed throughout the house as they walked through the hallways to the office. As Karen was leaving, the family was extremely appreciative of Karen and all of her efforts to make the confusion of Christmas go a little easier for their household.

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