Building Permit

Open Permits

Agents....... Are you concerned about open permits? Title…

Best Practices in Escrow for Real Estate Transactions

It is understood that in any real estate transaction, the title…

Land Title Professionals

Did you know that Land Title Professionals play an important…

Broad Exceptions from Coverage

Exceptions from Coverage on Owner's Policies It is common for…

Leasehold Policies

Throughout my 20 plus years in the title industry, and despite…


Encroachments are defined as advancements beyond proper limits…

24 Month Chain of Title

Most lenders will require a 24 month chain of title on a refinance…

Title Searches

Methods of  Title Searches There are various methods by…

Hidden Defects

An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance typically covers a host…

Goal Setting Tip

GOAL SETTING TIP It’s that time of year when goals should…