Case of the Missing Ex – Above and Beyond Service

Handling a real estate transaction that involves divorce can be challenging.

Whether it’s a fresh divorce or from many years ago, when one spouse is required to be removed from title, a deed needs to be prepared and recorded.

Sometimes finding the individual to coordinate signing the deed can be tasking, especially 10 years down the road from the divorce.

When the situation presented itself with a loan closing we were handling, we had to connect with the spouse who was to be removed from title. No one was aware of where the ex-spouse was at, if she would be willing to sign, or even if she was still alive!

With a brief Google and White Pages search we were able to locate a few phone numbers. Four calls and three voicemails resulted in a phone call from the individual that we needed the signature from.

At first they were concerned about the call since it had been such a long time that they had lived at the property. After we explained what we were trying to accomplish, they were grateful for the work that we did to reach them.

We were able to close the loan and our customer was happy to have the title work all wrapped up for his closing.

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