Brandon Wolfe – 2020 Senior Tribute

Brandon Wolfe
Son of Jodi Wolfe
Suttons Bay Office

As a parent, this moment causes us the most pride and excitement. We know the magnitude of the milestone and what follows, but this year took a twist that none of us expected. My son Branden is one among many High School Seniors graduating this spring.

Branden is a Theatre major who plans to pursue his acting and performing arts skills next year at college. He also coaches a Parkour class for young kids at one of our local gyms. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic his final Theatre performance as the lead, was cut short and his Gym is currently closed.

It was pure heartbreak for him not to be able to perform his last play and finish high school with his peers or continue to coach his kids. He was really looking forward to the end of senior year festivities and wrapping up his high school career.

There is a saying out there right now that all of the seniors graduating this year, were born in 2002 when the world was grieving 9/11 and now as seniors in high school they are grieving a pandemic.

Through it all, Branden has been a pillar of strength and keeping up good spirits. Staying in touch with friends, family and teachers via computer or cell phone. We are so extremely proud of him and all of his accomplishments. We know that he will prevail as he moves forward after graduation!!!

Brighter days are ahead!! Congratulations Branden!!!

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