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Hidden Defects

An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance typically covers a host of hidden defects which may surface years later and could include a few of the following: Creditor Claims Deeds from incompetent persons. Incorrect legal descriptions. Forged Deeds or releases. Undisclosed Heirs. Federal condemnation without notice. Federal, state inheritance and gift tax liens. Capacity of foreign […]

Agreement for Deed

An agreement for Deed, also known as a Contract for Deed or an Installment Land Contract, is a transfer of real interest in property. The Seller is referred to as a “Vendor” and the Purchaser is called the “Vendee”. The interest acquired by the Vendee is an equitable interest. Legal title is transferred from the […]

Sphere of Influence

Sphere of Influence Tips We all hear about using our sphere of influence but how well are you working it? Many of us are uncomfortable marketing to our sphere because we are afraid they will see us as wanting something, yet statistics show they can be the greatest source of business for us. Contact List: […]

Errors and Omissions

Title Agencies are required to carry sufficient professional liability insurance. Each state may require a minimum amount of coverage that is acceptable as well as a maximum amount of deductible. You have a right to request copy of the policy to ensure the amount at least meets the state’s minimum standard, is current, and that […]

Quiet Title Suit

Is a lawsuit brought against a real property owner to cancel or wipeout inconsequential or unenforceable claims or interest which may cloud the title. The proceeding may also be used following adverse possession, or after acquiring property via a Tax Deed to perfect the title into the name of the party who commenced the action. […]

Success Stories

Do you incorporate case stories into your marketing? Think back on some of your successes in the past………sometimes they are the most difficult situations you or your client have had to deal with. Identify and define the challenges, obstacles, or hurdles that were involved. Next, list the actions, steps, or methods utilized to overcome the […]


Redact  re·dact/riˈdakt/Verb   1. Edit (text) for publication. 2. Censor or obscure (part of a text) for legal or security purposes.     A little known fact that you can share with your public servant clients! Pursuant to Florida Statute 119.071 (4) (d), past and present law enforcement officers, judges, state attorneys, public defenders, probation […]

Jurat or Acknowledgement

Jurat or Acknowledgement….what is the difference? Acknowledgement indicates that the signer: Personally appeared before the notary. Was identified by the notary. Acknowledged to the notary that the document was freely signed. No oath is given. Jurat requirements: Must be signed in the notary’s presence. Notary guarantees that the signer appeared and signed in their presence. […]

Closing Updates

Does your title insurance provider do updates of the commitment just prior to closing? Most diligent providers will do an updated search from the effective date of the commitment up to the closing date (or as current as available).   Look good to your client by letting them know that you have confirmed with the […]

Credit Reports

One of the main 3 credit reporting companies indicates that the following blemishes on your credit report have an expiration period as follows: 30-90 day delinquency: 7 years Collection accounts: 7 years, beginning 181 days from the most recent delinquent period before the collection activity Charge off accounts: 7 years Judgments: Those that include small […]