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January Housing Market Shows Signs of Opportunity

Provided by Naples Area Board of Realtors Naples, Fla. (March 8, 2019) – The year is off to a good start for homebuyers. Beyond escaping frigid temperatures up north, visitors looking to purchase a home in the Naples area during January were pleasantly surprised with their options as inventory levels increased 7 percent to 8,154 […]

Builders and Homeowners Guidelines for Construction

Congratulations on your upcoming construction project! While your project is moving along, here are some helpful guidelines for the construction draw process. First, Access Title Agency has available sworn statements and other forms for your use if needed. Just reach out to closing@accesstitleagency.com and we will be happy to send them to you. Sworn Statements […]

The Take on Collier Real Estate Market

“Change is afoot and those who are prepared to adapt are best positioned to succeed,” Randy Thibault, Land Solutions, Inc. On February 26th, Three experts gave future real estate trends for the SW Florida Market. Below is a snippet from each. Randy Thibault – Land Solutions, Inc. Are we overbuilt? Thibaut’s answer: maybe for apartments […]

Startling Statistics – Create Readers

Submitted by Russell Tuff Managing Partner Social-Impact   Surprise Readers with Startling Statistics. Every industry accumulates research in their field of study over time, or an industry that is related to the success of their business locally, or nationally. Every morning I get a sample of industry related statistics meant to capture my imagination and […]

Neither Rain Nor Snow Will Stop Access Title

Wednesday January 30, 2019, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer declared a state of emergency over the state’s dropping temperatures. So, what’s the emergency? It was freezing outside. Actually, it was way below freezing – temperatures dipped into the negatives for much of the Northern Lower Peninsula, and wind chills got to negative 40 degrees. That combined […]


The Michigan Construction Lien Act has been amended to allow design professionals to record a lien for design services performed prior to the first physical improvement to the property. To do so, the design professional must record a “Notice of Contract” with the register of deeds no later than 90 days after the design professional […]