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Goal Setting Tip

GOAL SETTING TIP It’s that time of year when goals should be in place for 2013, but if not, it is not too late! Below are a few tips that we utilize for our business that we thought we would share. • Break your goals down to their simplest form. Try not to just have […]

Real Estate Contract Names

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF A NAME?   To assist with avoiding delays with closings, consideration should be given for consistency of name spelling and vesting choices for the real estate transaction. A buyer changes the way they want to take title to the property-this can result in the need for a last minute addendum, […]

Insuring Title Acquired by a Tax Deed

Generally speaking, underwriters of title insurance will require one of the following to insure a transaction coming out of a tax sale: 1. The tax deed holder must file a Quiet Title Action and let the appeal process run out; or 2. The prior owner (who lost the property) must Quit Claim their interest in […]

Vesting or Taking Title on Deeds

A few ways in which more than one party may hold title are as follows: Tenants by the Entirety:  Only a husband and wife may hold title in this manner.  Provided the couple remains continuously married, the surviving spouse becomes the 100% owner of the property upon the death of their spouse. Tenants in Common:  […]

What is a Special Warranty Deed? – -Access Title Agency, Naples, Florida

  A special warranty deed is more limiting than the commonly used warranty deed in real estate transactions.  The grantor (seller) in a special warranty deed warrants the title against any defect which occurred during the time period that it held title.  The warranty does not include defects which occurred prior to the time that […]