Michigan Land Title Specialist Hosted by Access Title

Left to Right: Beth Zywicki- Examiner, Melissa Herman- Office Manager, Debbie Wiley- Speaker—Current MLTA President and Manager with First American Title Insurance Agency, Carrie Richter- Processor, Jodi Wolfe- Closer

Michigan Land Title President, Debbie Wiley, guest speaker at Fraud Presentation hosted by the Michigan Offices of Access Title Agency for their clients.

A few of the main points that realtors took away from the presentation was:
  1. Fraud is exponentially increasing in our industry
  2. There have been Michigan Title Agency’s that have been hit with wire fraud, some are having to close their doors.
  3. Many times the FBI will  be brought in to investigate the crimes. They are often able to identify where the criminals were able to gain access. They are increasingly finding that criminals are hacking realtor’s emails.
  4. There is a wire fraud case in Michigan were the FBI determined that the criminals gained access through the realtor’s email, that they are at fault and will likely hold the realtors responsible. This may result in some type of fine or other penalties.
  5. It is recommended that you purchasing Cyber Insurance. However, it was noted that this insurance may not always cover a loss should it occur.
  6. Its recommended that all your email communication with clients are encrypted.
  7. Information on TLS and why it is important for you to look into regarding your mail system: The TLS processes consists of two important and independent processes: authentication and data stream encryption. With today’s tough Internet environment, it’s vital to have strong encryption to protect the data as they travel to their destination. It is important to use a TLS secure mail system and insure that your mail system has a valid Digital Certificate. A Digital Certificate is a data file that contains information about the Web site’s certificate holder and is used to verify that the Web site is indeed what it portrays to be. The Web server’s host name,  expiration date and the public key for the Web server are just a few of the details contained in a certificate. There are two major categories of certificates, trusted and untrusted. Trusted certificates are those residing on the Web browser and signed by a trusted certificate authority.
  8.  For a resource to check and see if your using a secure email system, please see the below link. Simply type in the email address you wish to test. The results should show either OK or FAIL. You want an OK result for the TLS Neg. box specifically but OK results for all boxes optimally. http://checktls.com/perl/TestReceiver.pl
  9. Please do not forward our wire instructions to your clients. Please explain that wire instructions should come from us, encrypted. Your clients should call us to verify those wire instructions. Please let your clients know that we would not contact them to change our wire instructions, so if they receive any revised wire instructions that is a red flag.
  10. It is helpful to our agency to have your clients contact information at the time you send us the purchase agreement. That way we have their contact information on file should we need to verify information regarding wires.


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