Above and Beyond Service

Robert Garcia

Note from Access Title Agency President Karen Kohler

I like to share stories of how our Access Title Agency team members go above and beyond to serve our clients needs. I do it because I am proud of my team’s willingness to offer exceptional client service.

A point of pride for me is that you will never hear an Access Title Agency team member say “that’s not in my job description.” But not every “above and beyond” moment is a grand gesture or epic trek.

Now that the holidays have passed, the snow birds have really begun to migrate back down to SW Florida and flock up all the roads. It can create quite a mess at times. Once such day, Robert checked Google Maps. Due to construction and multiple accidents, the Naples area resembled a red spider web.

Wanting to avoid the mess on I-75, Robert took the scenic route of US-41 home. On the way, he realized he was going to be driving right past the realtor’s office of one of the new contracts he had just received.

Remembering that the realtor had planned to drop off the deposit that day, but was unable to, Robert offered to swing by and pick it up from her office. It wasn’t a major inconvenience, but it saved the realtor about an hour and a gallon of gas.

Every little bit helps, and for a realtor, time is a precious commodity.

At Access Title Agency, we do whatever we can to make the closing process stress-free and as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Whether you are a buyer, seller, realtor, or lender, Access Title Agency takes care of you.

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