Above and Beyond Service to Get the Deal Done

Our Suttons Bay closer, Jodi Wolfe, alerted a realtor and seller as soon as the commitment was completed that a prior mortgage had not been discharged. She continued to update them on the difficulties she was experiencing and worked to obtain the information needed to accomplish this. As the closing approached, it was clear that it we were unlikely to receive the Discharge of Mortgage in time. We were impacted by the inability to reach a live person to assist us and that original lender was no longer in existence. It needed to be researched by a new lender which would take weeks to accomplish.

We quickly approached our Underwriter to seek permission to close without having it. Multiple co-workers were pulled in to assist providing documents showing it had been paid off, just not discharged. We felt confident our Underwriter would give us approval, only to be denied. We continued to be denied after repeatedly stating our points and providing further evidence.

Not giving up, we continued to work on the discharge of mortgage as well as reaching out to the owner of Access Title Agency, Karen Kohler. She called our Underwriter Account Representative for assistance and further review of our request. Voila! Within an hour we had approval to move ahead with the transaction as scheduled. A short time later, we also unexpectedly received a copy of the Discharge of Mortgage. This further put all parties at ease about moving forward. Access Title is always up for the challenge and continues to demonstrate our Responsive, Reliable, Results! We work with the best Underwriters to ensure your transaction gets the time and attention it needs!

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