Above and Beyond Service March 2019

Robert Garcia

This above and beyond story is a reminder to take nothing for granted when it comes to title updates.

Robert was closing a relatively straightforward refinance. It was for a newly built condo, so the title work was clean as a whistle. The day before the closing, Robert requested an update on the title search which is part of our standard practice.

The search found that a notice of commencement had recently been opened. The borrowers had contracted a shutter company to install hurricane windows on the condo months ago, but because of delays, the contractor waited to file the notice after the new year. So with 21 hours until the closing, Robert had to get this cleared.

Luckily, the contractor was responsive and was able to sign the documents that we had drafted. Robert left work early to drive over to the contractor’s office to retrieve the document, but there was one problem: Robert’s car wasn’t in the parking lot. He had left it at the shop for an alignment. Within minutes though, Robert was able to hail an Uber to take him to the garage. Once he had his car, Robert was able to get to the contractor’s just before they closed.

The next morning, the closing went off without a hitch.

When people are counting on you in the bottom of the 9th, and you are thrown a curveball, you have to find a way to get a hit.

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