Above and Beyond Service – Helping Hand With Wire

Our buyer, an elderly woman, had just driven across the country from California to relocate.

She arrived in Traverse City on the closing day and because she was traveling hadn’t been able to send her funds via wire to us until the day of closing.

Her bank was located in California and with the time difference we had to wait for the bank to open. She also needed to fax or email the form to her bank. She had already signed documents and just needed to do this final step.

She had a brand new phone wasn’t use to it, was not tech savvy and was very concerned that she wasn’t going to be able to get us the funds for closing.

She arrived at our office around 11 am, we assisted her with the forms, scanned them to her email so she could forward to her banker.

She left our office, as she had to take her son to the airport for a 2 pm flight. At 2:30 the borrower calls, concerned because now her bank is asking for a copy of her ID and she is currently in her car and doesn’t think we can do it.

We let her know that we can help. She didn’t know she could stay on the phone with me at the same time she could open her email. So I walked her through step by step on how to copy and attach her ID to the email to send to the bank.

She was so nervous and unsure about being able to accomplish the wire, I reassured her that I was here and had the time and that we would get it done.

With our help, she got the ID to her banker and at the end of the phone call she was so appreciative. She said “you are an angel”.

After getting off the phone with her, we got a call a few minutes later from the bank to verify our wire instructions and the funds arrived for closing.

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