Above and Beyond – June 2019

Beth Zywicki

At Access Title Agency in Michigan, we don’t need to look far to find someone going above and beyond for our clients.

While it is usually the closers that get all the credit, there is a special group that play a huge role in closings that we rarely feature, our examiners.

This time of season, things ramp up for reltlors and lenders. Sometimes closing dates get pushed up or are scheduled in short time periods to meet client’s needs. This means that our examiners are sometimes rushing a 40-year search and turning it around in a day!

We had that happen recently where Beth Zywicki went above and beyond to help a client that sent us a purchase agreement on 5/2 and needed be mailed out to 3 sellers by 5/7.

Beth was able to produce the commitment the same day, allowing time for the closers to furiously work on preparing closing documents and clearing title requirements to meet the deadline. The buyer was so appreciative of the fast work and making the closing happen without a hitch. We are so lucky to have our examiners on our team!

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